You Asked For It, You Got It.

Over this past weekend, I was approached by many people about my Facebook (via Twitter) posts of my commute into and out of the City. Other very close friends suggested I start blogging instead of FB posting these brain-dumps. I have taken this task to heart. This is my first blog post.

Unfortunately for you, I cannot know if this medium works for either of
us without feedback and commentary from you. So this passive interest in my musings has become a little bit more involved for both of us. I invite, and in fact need, you to comment about my commuter observations (#trainspotting#Chicago).

I reserve the right to blog about other things outside of the train observations I make, but I will endevour to keep you abreast of Dr Jeckyl-Hyde’s movements, the ever-stoic Clive Owen from “Inside Job”, Big Momma and Le Petit Moustache, and all the rest.

In closing, I will republish today’s entry. Thank you for you attention.

Good afternoon. On the 12:08 Amtrak Superchief into Chicago. Getting down Naperville soon. Conductor put me in the at-grade berth with the elderly and wheelchaired.

The most animated fellow rider in the group is a gentleman who is travelling from LA-Chicago-DC and then to Miami. Pearls of wisdom are sent forth randomly from his mouth, filtered by his oxygen mask.

Picture Tony Montagna, alive, grossly overweight, retired, acquitted, and spending his cocaine riches on Casino slots at every Indian Reservation he could find.

Mrs. Sree to pick me up at Naperville. Back to reality, back to life.

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