October 23, 2012 – Homeward Bound #trainspotting#Chicago

Good evening. On the, thermally discombobulated but microwave safe, 3:58PM out of the City.

Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde is here and is in full self-argument mode since the final Presidential Debate last night. His dander(s?) may be up partially because the Rail Authority has not figured out how to set the temperature of each car. Some intrepid fellow at the train yard may be still using a leather bound copy of the 2012 Almanac as a sole reference to set the comfort level of the passengers. Today was supposed to be about -3°F.

The addition of thermal energy to Dr. J-H’s usual frenetic gesticulation, and with new evidence from Romney’s formative years the the Governor was a bit of a mean bully in High School, has got the Far Right of the good Doctor’s psyche at odds with the Center and Left sides.

He is looking out the window as he speaks to himself. Right now, the more aggressive, presumably far-right is not only defending Romney’s excessive love for teachers, conservative stance on defense and the Governor’s almost endearing self flip-floppery depending on his mood, but J-H is trying to argue that being a bully in HS is good training ground for leadership. The Governor learned how to fire corporate laziness by firing hard working janitors.

Now, the Center and Left parts of Dr. Jeckle-Hyde have kicked in. He is still staring at the window, but has become far less animated. He’s more reserved now, with this glazed look of incrudelity. OH! He just mouthed the word “bullshit” – to himself! Thus endeth the self debate for now.

I must mention that Nazi Ark Hunter is here. Clive Owen is sitting farthest back today and, for the first time, noticed Dr. J-H’s self debate, while still plugged into his iCrackerDroid.

Another regular on the 3:58PM is a quiet, overweight fellow that reminds me of a guest on The Daily Show that I saw a while back. I can’t pin him (the guest) down except to say that he had a lisp and was a policy wonk or Presidential Scholar. I want to say Michael Bechloss, but Mr. Bechloss was a taller leaner man and had more chisled features. The fellow commuter immediately reminds me.of.someone of that caliber. If I find the photo or video of this person, I will write down his name and match it with this fellow I see before me.

Finally, for you foodie types, the Israeli Dessert Genius host, (someone) Ben-(somewhere), is here. He looks like he could critique this blog and either send me immediately to the Atlantic Monthly or to some digital perdition with one stare and a blank smile. The host has a show called “Sweet Genius” or something. His desi doppleganger is right in front of me.

Hope all is well with your travels.

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