October 23, 2012 – Inbound

Good morning. On the, fashion disjointed, 7:52AM into the City.

The crowd looks generally battle fatigued over politics. I can tell that about 30% of my fellow commuters enjoyed MNF and ate exhibiting the effects of the beer-nacho-wing binge this morning. Another 23% did something else entirely last evening. The other 47% watched the debates.

To my left and against the window sits a distinguished, handsome, ginger haired, neatly bearded man. He looks like a Brit actor from the 1980’s or a younger slightly stocker brother of House.

Also here is an eskimo/inuit woman of indeterminate age. She looks like she is a great-grandmother many times.over, but given the living conditions, she may be a young bride. Perhaps winter is coming early to the area?

Nobody is necessarily dressed appropriately for the weather. The woman in front of me in the jump seat is in a moldy red grape colored down jacket, which is far too thick for the balmy 60°F outside. Concurrently, there is a late-30-something bearded fellow wearing a Bears t-shirt, cut-off jeans-shorts and flip-flops that say, I’m not kidding, Romney-Ryan 2012.

Ok. More later. Have a wonderful day.

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