October 24, 2012 – Inbound #trainspotting#Chicago

Good morning. On the, firmware updated and thoroughly “Ice Cream Castled”, 7:53AM into the City.

My, what a beautiful morning! Lots of attractively made up women this morning. One asian-american woman, I’m guessing Chinese, just finished her applique as the train jostled and swayed towards the next inbound station. She had the paint brush loaded with rabbit-tested base coat mere millimeters from her iris. Evidently she’s willing to sacrifice an eye to be beheld has a beauty.

There is an Indian gentleman who I’ve been noticing as a regular on the 7:53AM. He is distingushable by his menacing look. Now, I may have mentioned in earlier Facebook posts or musings that my Missus loves Bollywood and Tollywood (Telugu and Tamil) movies. Invariably, every other movie deals with class warfare issues, where local but powerful gangs and thugs control the town and the Hero is the outside insider yaddayadda .. you get the picture. Well this fellow commuter looks like a mid-level ganglord. He has a dark, chocolate-brown, pock-marked face. His mustache is trimmed but not waxed. He has no jawline to speak of, a full head of hair with a side part. What completes the image is his leather jacket with fur collar. Snoop Dogg couldn’t have dressed him better. I love it.

If any of you are Android users with Verizon, you may have noticed the new OS upgrade – I believe it was named “Ice Cream Sandwich”. I like it already! The touchscreen keyboard is less temperamental. The home screen is more streamlined. It’s like getting a new phone without the upgrade charge! As I look around, I see many of my fellow travellers are messing with their phones, either because of the new upgrade or because of habit.

Hope your day goes well. Happy travels.

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