October 26, 2012 – Inbound #trainspotting#Chicago

Good morning. On the, highly competitive and dog-eat-dog, 7:32AM into the the City. Happy Friday, everybody.

I was waiting for the train to pull in and started up a congenial chat with the fellow commuter next to me in the scrum. We both agreed that the anticipation of the morning train, specifically where the entrance to the car will be positioned when the train stops, is a fascinating example of the hive mind that can be witnessed every weekday on every train line anywhere.

Each entrance is about 100ft apart, so we as commuters have, in a strictly Pavlovian behaviour pattern, learned to scrum together in a pack at roughly 100ft on center from the next pack along the platform.

The X-factor in this strange phenomenon is the decision-making of the train engineer. Today the train engineer decided that he will pull the train up an extra car and park the entrance to the car at the very edge of the concrete platform. The group-hive-passenger-scrum broke down.

Now the latecomers to the platform have a distinct advantage to get onto the train first and get access to the seat of their choice.

This whole process alone is worth a behavioral psychology Masters Degree thesis in my opinion. I don’t know half of the theory or Jane Goodall-like primate paradigms, but to me, it sounds fascinating.

As I sit in the Jump Seat of the Quiet Car, I see that Pete Townsend (current age) is back. His fully receded hairline  shows off a cranium of an impressive volume – a long bullet shaped oval face, bent glasses, clean shaven, Pete has a mole on his left cheek.

Behind him and across the aisle sits ‘Genevieve’ from the HGTV/DIY network. Blonde, roughly early forties, this woman doesn’t take care of her hair as she would like or want, but is simple and effective with her makeup.

Another regular that I see is Jacqueline Bouvier. Long hair, attractive face, JB doesn’t use much makeup. If the real Jacqueline Bouvier were an outdoors live off the land, cowgirl, she’d be sitting in front of me across the aisle one bench back.

Strange, no sign of Graduate School Chick in a long while! Perhaps she finished her thesis!

That’s it for now. Have a great Friday and … Safe Passage!

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