Halloween 2012 – Inbound #trainspotting#Chicago

Waning Moon, Halloween Morning Eve, October 31, 2012, 6:45AM

Waning Moon, Halloween Morning Eve, October 31, 2012, 6:45AM

Good morning. On the, undead and zombie-inducing, 6:58AM into the City. Happy October 31.

A lot of fellow commuters are in stasis this morning. Six rows back across the aisle in the aisle seat sits ‘Bob’ from “Biggest Loser”. If he were to turn undead, he’d be hard to kill.

There are five IT professionals scattered about the train car. They are all interfacing with networked equipment – laptops, tablets, iCrackerDroids, and one curious Indian man who is jerking his head counterclockwise every few seconds.

Is he testing a new biometric chip? Who can tell these days? I may need twitching dude on my zombie apocalypse team to talk to other tiger teams in the area.

‘Rerun’ is here. So is Mrs. Louise “Wheezy” Jefferson. Both are fast asleep.

There is one fellow that stands out. He is a young Caucasian man with a sharp nose and a buzz-cut Marine recruit style haircut. He is listening to his iCrackerDroid, smiling at the downloaded video. He is wearing a black overcoat appropriate for the weather. Underneath is a grey ‘hoodie’ sweater.

What is striking is that this fellow reminds me of Affleck and Damon’s ‘Bartleby & Loki’ from the Kevin Smith classic “Dogma”. Is our Marine friend actually a defrocked angel? A Seraphim? One of the Choir? On Halloween, one can never be sure!

I took a beautiful photo of a slightly waning morning moon. Happy Halloween.

Remember, tomorrow is All Saints Day, so I will take time tomorrow to remind my Monotheistic friends on the social networks to spend November 1 shouting-out to the hundreds of Saints in the Christian pantheon. Have a great day.

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