November 16, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago

Good morning. On the 7:32AM into the City. Happy Friday. The NFI is 2.

Sleeping Beauty is here and is predictably asleep. She changed her hair color to a strawberry-blonde, or perhaps more auburn? I am not conversant in hair coloring nomenclature to do the doo justice. She’s wearing a down winter coat, which is totally unnecessary for the predicted 53F for the City. However, this cushiony coat is the PERFECT portable pillow. Her eyebrows rise and lower as she dreams fitfully about four-star generals, Senate hearings, the Mayan Calendar, Snooki, Israel-Palestine, and healthcare. The polarized light coming from the triple-ply safety-rated window gives Sleeping Beauty an angelic aura about her face as she rests to the rhythm of the trains movement.

Anil Kapoor is here, wearing a faux leather jacket, straight cut Levis, a five-o-clock shadow, and sunglasses pearched on his head as he leans back and naps. He is a cool cat – very Bollywood action star. If there is an upcoming Bollywood action movie revolving around CRM and ERP database management, this fellow would be cast as the Hero.

Sitting in the jump seat with me is a Desi Prog-Mom. Silver streaks pepper this bespectacled woman’s short cropped hair, which is different than what is seen on movie screens in theaters in Bombay or Hyderabad. She has her “Exchange” handbag and is expertly navigating her iCrackulaDroid through her downloaded collection of photographs of her newborn grandchildren.

Jackie O is here, sitting within my line of sight. Actually, the woman looks like a cross between Jorja Fox of CSI fame, but with Angelina Jolie’s puffy lip pout thing. Long straight brown hair drops to her shoulders inelegantly. She’s wearing a grey overcoat usually found at a women’s outlet or a ‘coat factory’.

Perhaps I should start another observational index? The Bald Man Count – a straight count of the number bald men in my line of sight. The BMC is 5. In a train-car of 50 people, it’s hard not to notice the hairless. One of the follically challenged looks exactly like the cop-bodyguard on The Jerry Springer Show.

The Japanese Station section head from “You Only Live Twice” is here. Also with us is French PM Nicolas Sarkozy, looking relaxed and confident in spite of the fact that half of the French hommes are tres ennui at him for marrying a hot model and screwing with their entitlements. Must be nice to be that confident.

Ok. Well, have a good weekend, everybody.
Safe travels.

One thought on “November 16, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago

  1. fiedorow

    Need to go back and read the “rides” I’ve missed. I’ve had other matters to attend to. I’m afraid this string will turn into a well written mini-series, Where is you miss one, you are inexorably lost,


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