November 19, 2012 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago

Good afternoon and happy Thanksgiving week. On the, early but often, 3:56PM out of the City.

I boarded the front car, my favorite spot, early today. This is a slow week for everybody in my business.

Dr. Jekyll-Hyde just boarded and sat. He is an energetic, handsome fellow who looks like a mix of Joe Torre and DeNiro from ‘Goodfellas’. Our other usual suspects – Clive Owen, Nazi Ark Hunter, and Jeff Probst from Survivor fame all came in at the same time. Perhaps they all take the same commuter bus to get here? William F. Buckley, War Correspondent, and Caucasian Barack Obama (CBO) – all have sat. Also here are a goateed Sontaran, Carrie Fisher from ROTJ, the lead character from Breaking Bad, and our old friend young Harvey Keitel.

Waiting……the NFI is 1.

Clive Owen found a friend to talk to. He’s a young fellow – perhaps a co-worker or neighborhood friend. This friend looks a lot like Will Wheaton or the Terminator 2 dude. The two sound like friendly competitors. Clive Owen is providing friendly anecdotal support. Clive Owensounds like a Midwesterner, with a bit of a Northeastern twang to his voice. The younger fellow sounds like a suburbanite.

Bruno Kirby-Mob Soldier is here. Our fellow traveller looks a lot like the young Peter “Pistol Pete” Clemenza from Godfather Part 2. He is on the phone, and through the din of the Bromance between Clive Owen and his friend, our friend the hitman has a tenor-to-alto educated NJ accent.He is iDongled and very aware of my infrequent glances towards him. Perhaps he is wondering about my curiosity. He does have a very trapizoidal body. Stud muffin.

Dr. J-H is in conference with himself. A very , (heh) introspective discussion about the Middle East, Burma and the POTUS ill timed  visit to the Orient seems go me in play. Ok. If was originally thoughtful and low key, but now he fac7nguyen the window and is arguing, somewhat vociferously about how theve series of conflicts can he, p solidify the Republican Party as, at least, a Foreign Policy expert and take that edge away from the President after Obama killed Osama.

Dr. J-H is weighting the argument that is the Bengazi attack, which was very tragic and significant, enough to put forth as a Watergate Style interrogation of the Executive Branch? Reagan, Dr. J-H’s hero, had Iran-Contra and Beirut, with nobody declaring a -Gate (Contragate?).

Perhaps  politicos or a wonk must be fired for changing bullet points to be presented to UN Sec.Gen Rice. But a -Gate?, asks Dr. Jekyll-Hyde – this would need McCain, Graham, Woodward, Bernstein and God Himself to pull off. Where’s Huckabee?

Right. Lots to do. Thank you again for reading my brain dumps.
Happy Monday.Safe Travels.

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