November 19, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, Macho-manned, 7:30AM into the City.

The crowd in the front Quiet Car is a bit tired from the weekend, it seems. Lots of sleepy, empty headed faces. There are a few standouts.

There is a fellow here, window seat across the aisle one bench back, that could best be described as the ‘Englishman in New York’ look. Dapper, this ginger-haired fellow has a side-parted doo with a prominent Conan O’Brian trademark curl. He may well be of aristocratic stock, as he is immaculately dressed in Brooks Brothersy shirt and tie. The overcoat could be a Saville Row knockoff. His goatee is perfectly trimmed, providing a regal angularity to an already squared jawline. He reminds me of an old nemesis of Remington Steele that comes from England to steal something and flirt with Stephanie Zimbalist.

Sitting above Baron Munchausen in the upper deck is a young Mike Huckabee. Truth be told, if the ex-governor and Fox News deacon decided to go on a serious weight loss program, he would end up looking like the fellow I see sitting above us. Receding hairline, roundish head and long face, our new and improved Huckabee looks ready to pounce. I’m guessing he’s a front line options trader. He’s got the hungry look about him.

Next to the Baron sits the fellow who played Mundungus Fletcher in the Deathly Hallows Pt 1. Near shaven head, grey-brown skin, slacks, Old Navy ish charcoal overcoat, light blue button-down shirt peeping through the collar. This fellow is most certainly of middle eastern or northern Indian extraction, although he could easily be mistaken for Latino.

Finally we have a strange fellow that reminds me of the Tosh from Tosh 2.0, aged some +30. Our elder comedian here has the receded hairline, thick glasses, windbreaker, olive colored khakis, and a highly expressive disposition. His mouth, eyes and prominent forehead undulate between surprise, confusion, offence, comprehension, and elation as he reads his book. Did he perhaps flick Fifty Shades of Gray from his wife’s bed stand?

Also with US are Anil Kapoor, a young Bill Cosby, the contract-actress that can play AnyMom, a female version of a wild Nick Nolte (at least I think it’s a she), and outgoing US Attorney General for the region Pat Fitzgerald.

For the regular fans of this silliness, I will be travelling (unfortunately by car) for the Thanksgiving Holiday. There may be a few more posts this week, whither a return to normalcy by next Tuesday.

Happy Monday to you all. Safe Travels.

3 thoughts on “November 19, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago

    1. syedavalli Post author

      That’s an idea, except I will be managing children and getting back on the road. Not the same as being seated on a hour long train ride with nothing to do. But, I may need to jot down some notes and do a Thanksgiving review when I’m settled at our destination.


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