November 27, 2012 – Homeward Bound- #trainspotting#Chicago


Good evening. On the, present and accounted for, 3:58PM out of the City. All our old friends are here, and then some.

Harry Belafonte just sat down. He is in olive-grey khakis, a brown jacket that is a bit thin for the weather, carrying a  brown leather satchel (as opposed to a knapsack or briefcase) and is now playing with his pearly white iCrackerDroid. I wish I was so color coordinated!

The 295lb unidentified historian is here. I have seen a similar looking fellow on the Daily Show many moons ago, but just can’t remember. This fellow has the same facial features, but Homer Simpsons’ relative body mass. As the traincar jostles to and fro, his impressive middle sways back and forth, affected by a observable but short-lived ripple effect. I feel his pain as I have a similar but more quickly decaying ripple effect of my own.

Caucasian Barack Obama is here. This young intrepid fellow is sitting up top and is napping, though when the train was still in the station, i saw him giggling about the nude protesters that invaded the offices of the Speaker of the (US) House of Representatives today. I noticed that he didn’t seem to care about what the protest was about (AIDS research funding) but he did point to his screen and said ‘OohhNeked!’. Now he’s napping, with visions of Chests chestnuts dancing in his head.

War Correspondent is here and he looks beaten up. Given this man’s proven survival skills, his news director sent War Correspondent off to cover ‘Black Friday’ sales. The right side of his face has some noticeable bruising, which I am guessing was caused by the intrepid shopper slamming WC with a discounted George Foreman grille or a microwave oven or something.  Not a happy guy.

Finally, we come to Dr. Jekyll-Hyde. He is engrossed in reading Grover Norquist’s manifesto on taxation. He is quietly nodding his head back and forth in morbid fascination that elected Republicans would bother to even give this guy the time of day. He reflects (and mouths) the idea that the power of an elected official is not the No vote but the unencumbered and well reasoned Yes vote. I wish J-H would be more communicative. This engrossed reading doesn’t make for good TV (train viewing).

Also to be mentioned are Clive Owen, William F. Buckley, the center for the Portuguese National Soccer Team, Carmella Soprano, and a very old Johnny Carson.

Happy Tuesday. Safe Travels.

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