December 13, 2011 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good evening. On the, curbing the crave, 4:30PM out of the City. The “I Could Take Over The World” edition. The NFI is 2.

I have gone through a stressful, but ultimately wonderful workday that has made me late for my usual train, but in possession of some Chinese-food munchies and a sea of fascinating people.

As much as the people in front and near me deserve my critical eye, it is hard for me to be deprecating to them during the holidays.

Some small but hobbit-like handsome Indian fellow is on his Pomme moiLivre, tethered with some moiBuds,  attempting to prove to some unnamed mademoiselle that he is Tres Bien as opposed un petit peu. Good luck, mon ami, with that future rendezvous.

Speaking of petite, a smaller compact version of Jay Cutler is sitting in front of me in the next seat over. He looks pretty beat up, sitting alone and contemplating how better to avoid being beaten up and still produce good football plays when his offensive line has embraced a “Swiss” style defensive strategy providing for more holes than the eponymous cheese that the strategy is named.

Cutler, or Little Cut, is sitting with his (famous gym shoe company logo-ed) baseball like cap on, head down, trying to figure out why he could not cultivate a running game worthy of the history books. What a sad, misbegotten looking fellow.

Young George Carlin is here, jawline beard, well-receded hairline, sports-hoodie-overcoat with white racing stripes along the shoulder line on a black background and a grey, soft, synthetic wool-cotton lining. It looks delicate to the touch from here, and I am two-and-a-half men away. Carlin has a neighbor or co-worker that he’s quietly telling jokes to for his upcoming act.

There is an ancient Mayan Warrior here. By his sitting posture, he cannot be any taller than my five-foot-six height. He has just fallen asleep after surveying the lack of end-of-the-world devastation fears that are NOT happening so close to the “target date”. Unbeknownst to Mayan Scholars, the Calendar in question was updated at the end of the Spanish-American war to compensate for the “Leap Year” effect.

The little man laughs at how easy it is to dupe these people. He’s about to laugh out loud (LOL) at the way modern man clings to antiquated and expired world views when he stops himself, pulls the cap that he is wearing over his eyes, and goes back to his nap.

Also here are Basil Fawlty, with cowboy hat on-head, Carol Marin, two former Russian Kosmanauts, and the Warden from Shawshank Redemption.

Good evening to you all. Safe Travels.

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