December 17, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, same time new place, 7:50AM into the City. A noisy car.  By my count, at least eight of the thirty passengers on board are sniffling or making noises endemic of respiratory stress.

I am in a regular car, four cars back from the lead. I have a jumpseat at least and can easily take note of my fellow travelers. The two Indian gentlemen sitting in the jumpseat across the aisle are having a pleasant conversation in Telugu, the native dialect of the Southern state of Andhra Pradesh. I know this because it is the language I grew up listening to, although I don’t speak it well.

The two men, one pitch dark with a slightly darker mustache, and the other bald and looking exactly Lou Gossett Jr., are discussing the shootings in Connecticut. Well, who isn’t? They are perplexed by the desire for citizens to carry guns. The conversation became muted as the passengers from the next stop boarded the train.

Two very attractive young women sat next to me and the poor sniffling fellow sitting in front of me in the jumpseat. The one across has an angular nose, rectangular shaped glasses with a gold inlay print of the eyeware designer, a black long overcoat covering a sweatshirt-hoodie number. She has on stretchy pants- black of course. The ensemble is highlighted by the white-and black checkered scarf.

What is surprising about this young woman (late-20’s?) is that though she’s dressed like she just came from the gym, her face and hair are perfectly made up! Her lipstick is a muted salmon color with hints of brown that blend perfectly with the barely visible basecoat and eye makeup combination. The whole make-up job offsets her straight naturally light brown hair that drops down past her shoulders. Perhaps she has the rest of her outfit in her large black handbag?

The other woman is even prettier. She has a slightly darker shade of hair, with a Rachel Season 4 of Friends cut. It’s harder for me to get a better look at this woman, as she is sitting next to me. She is much more ready for work or a day on the Magnificent Mile.

She occupies her time with the latest edition of O-magazine. Her red-painted fingernails have been recently manicured. Her light brown camel-hair coat belies a lithe but curvy figure. The brown leather handbag compliments the ensemble nicely.

Also here are Bebe Newirth, a young Oliver Platt from Flatliners, Eminem, and Ricky Schroeder all grown up and unknown.

Try and stay upbeat. Kiss a child, though it would be better that the child is your own or of your family.

Safe Travels.

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