December 18, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, well rested 7:50AM into the City. Winter love is in the air. The NFI is 4. Anil Kapoor is here, sitting aisle-side in the opposite jumpseat facing the crowd. Kitty corner from him is a new face. She is definitely of north Indian stock – Punjabi or Gujurati. Her very light, mocha colored skin and strong jawline are in evidence. She cannot seem to take her eyes off of Anil Kapoor!

They do not know each other, that is certain. In fact, Anil isn’t even taking notice of the woman, not because of malice, but perhaps aloofness. He is concentrating on the text coming from his iCrackerDroid. She ultimately gives up her hero worship and dreams of classic Bollywood romance songs in time to the swaying and rumbling of the train.

Sleeping Beauty is here. The Kelly Ripa stunt double is in her soft, faux-fur fringed winter coat. The hood is resting so that it acts as a soft pillow that protects her head in a 200° arc of luxury.

Even from this distance, it is not difficult to see the rivulet of saliva gently streaming out of the left corner of her mouth, digesting the biodegradable/organic basecoat makeup, and depositing the remnants into lovely golden blonde hair. It is fortunate that she is a blonde, as the bio-hazardous waste that has deposited in the inside canopy of her shimmering tresses won’t be detectable until she combs it out.

Honorable mentions should go out to Andrew McCarthy of 80’s teen movie fame, two Sontaran field marshals, and a red-headed Amazonian woman.

Happy Tuesday. Chin up. Safe Travels.

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