December 21, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning! Happy End of Days day to you. On the sparsely populated, but comfy-cozy 7:50AM into the City. The NFI =5, mostly due to the folks boarding from the station one stop over.


Phillip Seymour Hoffman is sitting next to Gladys Knight two seats over and along the aisle. He is noticing me tap away at my iCrackerDroid and watching the crowd. He looks non-plussed, but just curious enough to keep an eye on me. In front of him is the Arabian prince I spoke of a few days back. He must be in graduate school, ideally in politics and economics. Or, perhaps he is in the sciences, but PSH is there to keep an eye on the little Arabian knight and is wondering if I am a contact for his nefarious plans. Or not. Are we still on Level Orange?


The blonde late-20s woman is here. You may remember her as having long blond hair and dressed for success? Well it must be casual Friday because she has on a long, shoulders-to-mid-thigh knit sweater, black and white horizontal stripes of varying widths, black skin tight pants and brown boots (Uggs?) that reach calf high. She’s still texting her college sweetheart, who has earned a little money from doing overtime at the Meet Santa display at the Mall of Americas.


They are chatting about the next time they will be able to meet. She is suggesting the family winter cottage just outside of Appleton, WI, which is halfway between the both of them. He is a little reluctant to accept the offer. He wanted to take her someplace neutral, as her father doesn’t think much of him and his decision to graduate with a BFA in silk screening. He caves in, both because of his love for her and he realized he could use the money for gifts for her. She is smiling at the screen. I guess the date is set then? Excellent.

The Desi Elvis is here. I have openly said that I have no understanding of hair or beauty products, but it seems to me that Desi Elvis is wearing a toupee (a rug, muff, dead squirrel, whatever). Not that toupees are a bad thing, but as it goes he doesn’t wear it well. No. I’m wrong. That’s his hair! Plugs? Hair transplantation? It looks unnaturally full. Maybe I’m just jealous.


Ron Kittle, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Ian McClellan, and Mel from Mel’s Diner are all here as well. Happy Friday. Make it a point to have lunch with friends. Safe Travels.

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