January 9, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good evening. On the, conservatively liberal, 3:55PM out of the City. Diversity interspersed with the familiar. It’s a crowded house tonight. The NFI is 4.

Harvey Keitel just sat down, sauntering in like he was headed to an upper east side disco. His ivory-cream colored pants were perfectly pressed and worked well with his blue down-jacket. His crenelated forehead and serious face convey concern as he reviews his afternoon e-mails on his iCrackerDroid. Perhaps Bobby DeNiro is calling about a cameo in an upcoming picture?

The Vulcan Sub-Ambassador to the regional consulate in the City is here. His sharp pointy ears are twitching as he calculates the decibel levels being pumped directly against the young (she looks 42) human woman’s tympanic membranes of her ears from the two-chordal, non-harmonic, digitized drumbeat, barely melodic noise called modern music.

He has already used the various social networks to catalogue and finds the currently produced music to be technically logical but wholly uninspiring. A small brief smile passes across his pale face tinged with green. He must get to his domicile and meditate so as to curb his emotional enthusiasm. The locals are rubbing off on him.

Benched War Correspondent is here. He looks more relaxed after reporting in Sandy Hook. He his reproachful, but a little pleased with himself. He is a father and a human being who, like most  everyone across America and the world, was horrified and transfixed by the devastation that the killer had wrought on the Connecticut hamlet. But, after being back from Afghanistan and being reassigned to watching the Market and crime waves in the POTUS’s  hometown, he got to go be where the action is.

Tragic, unfortunate, emotionally upending, to be sure, but professionally right up his alley. He is internally comparing his experience in Connecticut with his conversations with widows and survivors in Kabul and Tikrit and finding eerie and sad similarities.

Two Indian women are sitting about five seats in front of me. They seem to be having an animated conversation about databases, weddings or dinner. I can’t tell from here.

Also to be mentioned are Steve Wosniak, Dr. Jekyll-Hyde, a hipster-zombie, and Melissa Gilbert.

Happy Wednesday. Safe Travels.

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