January 17, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the 7:50AM. Rear Quiet Car. Running late. Had to be quick out the door to catch this train. The NFI is 4.

Sen. John Kerry just sat down. To-go Thermos full of hot coffee in hand, as well as a tablet full of the daily newspapers, downloaded so he can save paper. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs must have invited the presumptive incoming Secretary of State.

Itzak Pearlman is also here. The world-renowned violinist and activist is contemplating how many times he’s performed ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, though he’s musing fondly of the experiences. Oh, he’s also packing heat.

Sitting next to Maestro Pearlman is the ginger-headed and -bearded fellow I saw from afar two days ago. I thought he initially looked like Rip Torn mixed in with a little Sting. Now that he is closer, he looks much more Sting.

The Scots-Irishman has short cut hair that spikes up. It looks like he uses product. The receding hairline that is shaped like a rounded Widow’s Peak abuts a formidable forehead that is free from wrinkles. I would hazard to guess that Erik the Red is in his mid-forties. His stubble jawljne beard is showing signs of grey, which isn’t really much of an indicator of age, as my own beard is salt-and-pepper grey and I’m only …. well its not about me anyway. He has smile wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. He has a black leather jacket, dark green scarf. Sorry, girls (and boys), he’s sporting a wedding ring. Ah well. He’s armed, too.

Wayne LaPierre is here. He’s going sport shooting along the lake at the Harbor Gun Club. He’s got on a grey down vest, plaid flannel shirt, chino pants and man-earmuffs. His big bag, which I presume holds a number of armaments is in front of him, next to me, in the jumpseat. I have lots of questions to ask him, including if the NRA is willing to help fund arming the schools all across America or would that necessarily mean property taxes will go up to pay for the armed guards? Are his grandchildren protected by armed guards at their school? Just curious.

Right. That’s it for now. Happy Thursday..Safe travels.

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