January 25, 2013 – Site Bound – #trainspottingChicago


On a different line heading to a job site. This line reminds me of the above ground commuter trains in east-coast cities.

Mostly University students and faculty heading to one of the Ivy-ish campus along the Lake. Based on current statistics, all of these people are armed and exercising their 2nd Amendment rights in defiance of the local ordinances.

The MBA/Law students look sharp, red college vest shirts and ties. I feel like I just got dropped into a scene from the Great Gatsby. The two I see are really handsome.

The African American MBA/Law student is diligently studying his notes while the two upperclassmen are gossiping about profs, syllabi and coeds.

The NFI here is 3.

Well, here’s my stop. Gotta go.

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