January 28, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, stiff upper lipped, 4:30PM out of the City.

Harvey Keitel is here. If I had a shadow, following me around because I may be a subversive, he’d be it. He seems to be on the same outbound train as I am, even when I’m late. He disembarks at the same stop. For all I know, he’s watching the house!

Now, on reflection, I haven’t done or said anything too anti-establishment. Is it… is it possible that they are tracking one of my children? The seven year old has been known to rail against Authority at every turn. And, he’s been spending a lot of free time messing with my iCrackerbot. Hmmmm….I may need to clear this up with Harvey later.

Chris Mathews is here. The MSNBC talking head is low key, wearing a blue non-descript ski cap which makes him look like an overgrown dwarf (of the Seven dwarves, not the Seven who wore rings in Middle Earth…  though you never know).

Our intrepid ex-Carter man looks confused and is ready to focus that well-known temper and disdain of his upon the iCrackerbot he is holding. I am unsure if it is a technical glitch, he’s watching Hannity, or he is reviewing the Neilson ratings for the last month.

VP Joe Biden is here, basking in his recent uptick in poll numbers post Election. He looks laid back, thrilled at his new all time record for NOT stepping on his Executive crank while cameras and microphones are around.

He’s resting, contemplating the four Chicago style hot dogs he ate in a bar-side competition he had with former Mayor Richard J. Daley at the East Bank, which is the exclusive athletic club just off of the River. The President is still a member and gave Joe and Dick free passes as an ‘Attaboy’ for the election win. It’s the Chicago way.

Other notables include Ed O’Neill, Carson Daly, Emily Proctor, Elvira, and Grover Norquist.

Happy Monday everybody. Safe travels.

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