January 28, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, seasonally mild, 7:30AM into the City. The NFI is 1.

Gladys Knight is here. The award winning singer is, and always has been, very fashionable. There are lighter brown highlights in her short cut straight, but full bodied, hairdo. The black leather jacket and string of pearls emphasizes her muted but modern, style.

Also here is Associate Justice of the SCOTUS, Sonia Sotomayor. She must be in town to promote her book. Yet, she looks like she’s reading a printed government document – perhaps a case? I thought that’s what Law Clerks are for?

Or, perhaps is a secret DOJ document that gives an honest assessment of available gun data and/or zombie apocalypse statistics. See, I always thought it would be the SCOTUS, not Brad Pitt and the UN, to save us from World War Z. You kick zombie butt, Madam Justice!

Ah! My new favorite fellow rider is here! The blonde new-hire is on her iCrackerbot, texting away. She is sitting in the other jumpseat, aisle side. She must be more comfortable with her job, as she is wearing skinny jeans, black blouse, and thigh-length black down jacket. Her sterling silver thumb-ring (probably a gift) doesn’t seem to impede her texting.

Her college sweetheart is on the other side of the texting. His post-collegiate life did not pan out as well as hers did. Even with his recent holiday promotion to cookie-decorator at the Mrs. Fields in the Mall of Americas.

His Pell Grants and private Student Loans have come due. He has taken up a second job delivering pizzas in and around the State University campus. He is pleased that he is making ends meet, but he is concerned that he may not be able to make the romantic getaway she has so meticulously organized for the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend.

She looks reserved at this news. She is faithful to her man, but she is also an attractive young woman on the move within the Company and Industry. She is getting noticed by Management, and the slightly-older and well-dressed middle managers. Fidelity is wonderful, but she misses the human touch. Her frustration shows. I hope he can get to her in time. Good luck to them both

Also here are Kathy Bates, Vladamir Putin, Gamal Abdulla Nasser, a younger Courtney Cox, and Lou Dobbs.

Happy Monday, everybody. Safe Travels.

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