January 29, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, regularly scheduled, 7:30AM into the City. The NFI is 1.

These observations have me convinced that the human species has an ingrained program that promotes altruism. I also believe that the altruism is limited to, or at least manifests itself around material possessions.

A scarf fell from the sky. Well, it fell from the second tier of the train car. This sign from above was the trigger to temporarily suspend the Quiet Car rules. An older women – a taller version of ‘Mama’ from “Throw Mama from the Train” – picked it up, stood up, and asked our fellow commuters if this was their scarf. Surprisingly, no one claimed the purple-grey polyblend scarf with matching tassels. She stood in the middle of the aisle, like Ben Stein doing homeroom roll call, awaiting a response. Eventually, a non-plussed gentleman who looks like Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) took the fallen object and placed it on the edge of the support rail so all of his fellow upper-deckers can view the object and decide whether to abscond with it themselves. Altruism – sort of.

New hire is here. Her face is made up, hair brushed neatly, she’s got a nice jacket on over a white blouse. Her nailpolish is a recently re-coated plum-red. She’s smiling at the text she just received from her co-worker, who has taken a liking to her. She smiles. She is already in a committed relationship, but it’s nice that somebody else is paying attention. She politely responds to the text.

She then opens another chat window to see how her beau is doing. He made some serious money over the weekend due to the weather and that there was a big, three-day conference at the University Campus. Everybody wanted late-night pizza. He had four hours of fitful sleep and then is up to make cookies at the Mrs. Fields in the Mall of the Americas. She reads the texts with mild interest. I wonder…did she switch back and forth between text windows? Hmmmm….

Also here are Ernest Borgnine’s Mom, Colin Firth, Alan Arkin, and Mama Cass.

Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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