February 8, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, if not for my neck my head would fall off, 7:30AM into the City. I could not find my billfold that had, among other important items, my train ticket. I worked from home, eventually walking through my evening-before movements to find it. The multiple facepalms I received from family and co-workers was epic.

Enough about my memory. Bea Arthur is here. The veteran actress is seated some eight seats back. She is at peace with herself, showing no real signs of tension or work stress.

Uh, oh. New Hire is here. Casual Friday has her in jeans and sensible shoes. Still sporting the down-padded black overcoat, she keeps her head warm with a plaid cap. Very fetching. She is reading her eBook reader. She’s not texting.

What happened? I hope her long-distance lover, the college-beau and Mrs. Fields cookie-cake decorator, didn’t piss off his sugar momma! She has her headphones on and reading, which seems strange to me, as my mind would invariably mix up what! I read with what I hear.

She looks stern. An attractive blonde, she has a round chin at the end of an angled jawline. She has her to-go tumbler from which she takes long swig of homemade spinach-carrot-chiapet-mushroom-banana smoothy. I’m guessing he had to cancel the Valentine’s Day meetup. I think she isn’t really reading or listening to music. She’s contemplating breakup. Stay tuned!

Jorja Fox is here. She saw me when she sat down. Am I being noticed? Does she read this blog? I hope she likes the ‘inside baseball’ commentary of the ride into town.

Other co-commuters include Mike Huckabee, Jason Jones, Pete Townsend, Ron Kittle and Natalie Wood.

Happy Friday. Safe Travels.

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