February 11, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. For those of you that read this hopefully pleasant distraction and also know me from bygone days and FB interactions, thank you for your birthday wishes. I am overwhelmed.

I am on the, College of Cardinals endorsed, 3:58PM out of the City. The place is not quite full so I cannot accurately gauge the NFI – it’s at least a three.

Doctor Jekyll-Hyde is here. He has is forehead resting in his right hand. He looks like he’s napping, but the train hasn’t left the City yet, so I’ll come back to him later.

I was listening to a segment on NPR this morning about radiologists not being able to find the image of a gorilla in an x-ray, the image was purposely superimposed into the clinical film. Now, these same people are trained to find minutae and signs of cellular degredation not seen by the untrained eye.


At the same time, that very training may skew the perspective of the viewer. Radiologist is so well trained that they can’t spot the gorilla in the room!

It seems to me that the true test of the well developed mind is to train the brain to look for minutiae and have the presence of mind (heh) to ‘turn off’ the skill for a look at the big picture.

I do that with music. It has been hammered into my formal instruction to listen, deconstruct, react and play. Now the ‘play’ part is skill and practice – scales and chords for most instruments; rudiments and volume control for drummers.

I end up listening to individual instruments, and mine of training first if not exclusively, before listening to the interaction between instruments in a piece. I get there eventually – again more by turning off the skill of deconstructing music to get why I like the ensemble? Why does Led Zeppelin or Lizst or Parliament move me so?

Are trained observers also blinded by training. Can’t he expert breast cancer hunter see the gorilla right in front of her face?

I thought these brain dumps were at first an exercise in staving off ennui. I realize that that I have been people-watching all my life. My High-School friends, many of whom I still talk to, remember me getting to school extremely early and sitting in an alcove of a doorway doing unfinished homework before I went to morning Jazz-Band practice.

Truth be told, I finished the homework on the bus ride into the City. I was there to watch fellow students learning how to be cool. To be accepted. To be BMOC. Turns out, I learned more about the human condition as a growing teenager than by reading Aristotle, Plato, Goethe, Kant, Freud or Jung during my sit-ins in the alcove. Every time I post a ride, I’m honing those same skills, jaded perhaps by wisdom and life.

Back to Dr. J-K for a minute. He has mellowed. I am guessing that he has been working on his bifurcated personality discussion using a combination of drugs, physical and visual cues or distractions, and his new Campfire 4.0 from the folks at BiggAssRiver.com. He’s asleep now.

Also here are Caucasian Barack Obama (CRO), Gloria Steinem, Dick Van Dyke (the Poppins Years), and Bishop Desmond Tutu (shopping for votes to the Top Spot?). 

It’s my birthday, so I decided to be more introspective than observant. I may have missed a gorilla go by. Ya never know.

Safe travels.

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