February 13, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, never quite duplicated, 3:55PM out of the City. The NFI is one.


Dr. Jekyll-Hyde is here. He is contemplative. He is patiently but silently listing his understanding of the substance of the various speeches put forth yesterday at the State of the Union. As far as I can tell, his Right and Far Right personalities are putting the arguments side by side in his shared brain. His head twitches back-and forth. He is actively keeping his mouth closed, but every now and again, one of the two personalities takes control of the lips, but not the voicebox, as he hits home a particularly poignant remark made by the President, the Senator or the third guy of whom no one bothered to listen. Now he’s in full contemplation, airing out a singular, anecdotal point and incorporating the example to fit that personality’s defining thesis.


He looks blankly ahead when he is this mode. As soon as that process is done, he turns to the window, using the triple-ply polarized safety glass as a quasi-reset button. His other personality comes through to hash out the pros and cons of the previous conclusions, and come up with a more pragmatic line of reasoning. For this, his head is turned at a window-ward angle. I feel like I’m observing democracy in action.


Across the aisle and two seats up is a man on a phone. Now, in this day and age, being on the phone is not a surprising sight. Evidently this young-looking-Gene-Hackman phone user is discussing something that animates him. He likes to emphasize his point by flailing his left hand, which would otherwise be resting on his increasingly expansive forehead. I believe he is trying his best to explain to the other party how the situation is not his fault. Dare I say it, but it is possible he is talking to someone who does NOT have the matching wedding band that adorns the third finger of his left hand. Valentine’s Day can be hard on Da Playa.


Basil Faulty, Nazi Ark Hunter, Anais Nin, Harvey Keitel and Arab Santa are all here. Happy Wednesday. Safe Travels.

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