February 18, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, insulated, 7:50AM into the City. The NFI is four.

Jessie Jackson Jr. (D-IL), in transition from the House to the Big House, is here. He looks reserved, stoic and serious. The MAOI’s must be working. Good. He’s due in court at Federal Plaza  (colloquially dubbed “Mies’ Maze”). Perhaps if he sells off his massive Manga comics collection and his Englebert  Humperdink back catalogue, it can help offset the bail money and impending fines.

Way back in the back seat sits Ari Fleischer, the handsome, sharp witted and bright White House Press Secretary to President G.W. Bush (#43). His shiny bald, smooth head is accented by two well trimmed lawns of brown-grey hair.

I wonder what he thinks about his former boss? Where is the Decider? Modern Presidents, post office, have used the title to advocate for personal projects- Habitat for Humanity is the most memorable. President Bush the younger hasn’t done that. Hmph.

There are some who say he doesn’t have the same clout as other presidents. He was never censured (Clinton), sick (Reagan), or targeted for death (G.H.W. Bush) or called a wimp (Carter), yet all of these leaders continued to pursue agendas and attack problems post-Office. What would he pursue, I wonder?

Other co-riders include Jack Nicholson’s Joker, a young woman rolling cigarettes, Cruella De Ville, and Sean Young. All are armed.

I’m a little rusty. Been on the road the last couple of days. I’m glad to be back on the train. Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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