February 19, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, heavily invested, 3:50PM out of the City. The NFI is two.

Dr. J-H is here. He’s smiling. He seems to be fiddling with his newly issued FOID card. So now he (they) are armed. Fabulous. Perhaps I should get a gun, you know, for protection?

He’s talking to the card now. Oh, wait. No. Now he’s talking to his new Campfire 4.0 eReader. Evidently he has taken exception to Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, yet he reads/watches their blogs constantly.

Two men, one in his fifties and one in his seventies, discussing software releases, stocks, SQL servers etc. Oh, they are talking Tech Stocks and returns. Sounds absolutely (yawn) riveting! At least be more excited about your choices! Scream like Dave Chappelle or the two Muppets in the balcony!

Jason Alexander is sitting up on the upper deck, dressed in corporate uniform. Actually, the fellow looks more like Jason Alexander and Michael Madsen had a love child. He is secretly recording the conversation between the two elderly gentlemen still chatting loudly about tech stocks. His white shirt doesn’t fit him anymore (too tight) and his tan-khaki pants were outdated in 1998.

Right. Not much here for me today. Lots on my mind I guess. Carmella Soprano, a Replicant, Zoe Deschsmel, a Madigan, Elvira, and Clive Owen are all in the car. All are armed and in various stages of napping.

Happy Tuesday and safe travels.

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