February 21, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the strangely appealing, 3:50PM out of the City. The NFI is two. Not many followers in this group of passengers! Let’s focus on our usual suspects. Benched War Correspondent is sad, sad, sad! I haven’t seen anybody so sad since the chatterbox Desi fellow was guilted-out of the Quiet Car last year during a conversation on his cell with his dying mother in Mumbai. Sad, sad, sad. The handsome newsman is frustrated because the number of paying, reputable news outlets are shrinking and being monopolized. Television is no better, where hyperbolic rhetoric trumps well researched, second-sourced, investigative journalism. He doesn’t know where to turn. Advertising? Script writing? Write that tell-all novel? He is sad and possibly quite drunk. He is armed.

So, two women came into the car and asked the fellow sitting in the other jump seat, by himself, to move to another seat because these two were expecting more people. Now, it turns out there are only three of them and they could have sat next to this fellow and said nothing. The third sat down and the three women are cackling and munching on snacks. Oh. The fourth just showed up. Had all four been together, I am sure the gentleman would have yielded.

As I understand the dialect, the Alpha Female of the four is matching eye-to-eye with the displaced fellow, who ended up sitting next to my curvaceous female friend that looks like an old college schoolmate. She is dismissive about the incident “He is one, we are four. Why should we apologize to him? Come, tell me more about this SAP position at your new workplace!”

Of course. Now they are talking about the latest indian movie releases, Kamal Hassan, Rajani Kanth, and God.

He, not understanding the dialect, has closed his eyes and is trying to nap, except for the fact that his ego is bruised. He is not armed.

The four women are armed. Harvey Keitel is here. He is asleep as well. He walked into the car with a bit of a drag to his step. He was kind enough to nod at me. Evidently I am off the list of Persons of Interest. He, being the team leader, acknowledged my presence while simultaneously signalling to the group that I am free from suspicion for now. Good.

Also on board are Caucasian Barack Obama, Mark Walberg, Nazi Ark Hunter, and Orson Welles. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.

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