February 26, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the 7:50AM into the City. The train engineer overshot the station by one train car, creating havoc among the boarding passengers. I immediately noticed three different personality types that seem to come out in a time of first-world adversity: The complainers, the endurers and the adventurers.


The complainers are an obvious group, verbalizing or acting out their frustration. Almost all of these people are armed, venting their frustration at the world with some relaxing rounds at the gun club or the local park.


The endurers say nothing. They roll their eyes with a sarcastic “Of course” and get in line in the scrum to find a seat and get on with their lives.


The adventurer takes stock in the non-normality of the situation and has fun with it. I saw a tall fellow get on the train car that was parked at the stone berm, and picked up the woman behind him like a toddler because the woman was struggling to get on board. She thanked him politely and both moved on to find different seats in the traincar, as if this was the expected turn of events. Nice!


Because of this strange boarding arrangement, the second car from the front is decidedly less crowded. Alec Guiness is here, looking very Obi Wan from ESB. In fact, our fellow Jedi looks like he ate most of Dagobah for breakfast this morning. I sure hope he doesn’t use the Force in an enclosed space!


A young Jeff Goldblum sits up top, listening to his iCrackerbot. He is handsome in a bearded but close-cropped beatnik way. I see a Ginsberg beat poet in him. Either his jacket or his man-purse has gold-colored baubles or rivets. From my angle, he looks like he’s blinged-out his jacket after-market. Very hip.


Also here are Amanda Plummer, Carson Daly, a desi looking John Blutarsky, Queen Latifa, and Steve Harvey. Have a good Tuesday. Mine will be eventful. Safe travels.

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