March 7, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the, just made it, 7:30AM into the City. Rear Train Car. The less time constrained folk sit here. The veterans. The NFI is zero. Not a single logo in visible range. There are about twenty of us on the train so far. The next station might bring more bling.

Jim Cramer is here. The Stock-Picking pundit is watching reruns of himself picking winners and losers. He’s got a wry smile on his face, amazed that the network would pay him great money AND a percentage of ad-revenue to spew forth barely-thought-out predictions. He is smiling all the way to the Grand Caymans, which is where he is headed now, come to think of it.

Larry David is here, sitting behind Mr. Cramer. Mr. David is, like me, taking in his surroundings and is finding the ride quite satisfactory. Compared to the commuter trains in and out of NYC, the trains leading into Chicago are almost brand new and so very clean! Not a hint of stale urine stench or decomposing malt liquor in the air of the cabin. Now he is rationalizing his own behavior in this sterile environment. “Am I good enough for this train car?” and “Well, just because this car is so clean doesn’t mean these people are better than me!” and “Why is that little brown fellow looking over at me and typing into his iCrackerBot?” Issues of the day.

Sitting next to me is a guy who looks EXACTLY like Mel Horowitz, Alicia Silverstone’s father in the movie Clueless, played by the actor Dan Heydeya.

Black suit, grey shirt, art-deco tie with muted earth tones and a repeated pattern. His shoes are shined, which he probably did himself. The greying, receding hairline completes this doppleganger sitting before me. He is reading the WSJ and the Sun Times. All leather briefcase. Poster boy for the American Bar Association. If only Denny Crane was also travelling in this car! He’s probably on the “T” right now headed for the Commons.

Other fellow commuters include Jane Curtin of SNL fame, Mike Singletary of NFL fame, Steven Chu of Scientific fame, Justine Warner of Food Network fame, and Irene Cara of Fame fame.

Happy Thursday. Safe Travels

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