March 11, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago

Good morning. On the semiconscious 7:30AM into the City. Is it just me or are people complaining more, or they were complaining before and I never noticed? This whole daylight savings time kerfuffle seems to be a festival of complaining about a non-issue. We’ve been changing the clock for years! Have we wrought this level of indignation at telling time every year? Maybe I was focusing my ire at the ineptitude of the last few Congresses (109th-Present), the devaluation and defunding of public education, loss of jobs and prevalence of guns. Changing your clock forward garners a complete news cycle? Really?

Well it hasn’t affected Helen Hunt (formally New Hire). Our fellow co-commuter is napping, as her body hasn’t quite adjusted to the time differential. Her makeup is perfect as usual, the basecoat covering any blemishes she may have.

Today is a pinkish day. She’s got a dark-pink-maroon sweater over a pink-blush-salmon colored blouse and accented by a simple pink scarf. However her pants look more like sweatpants than presentable office wear. I am not up on current trends, especially women’s fashion. Well, she is sleeping, trying to reset her rhythms. Oh, she still has a big purse. She must be armed.

There is an attractive, exotic ethnic woman two seats back. At first, I would have immediately identified her as Desi, nut on reflection, she has a more latina look about her, or even mixed African-American-Caucasian Zoe Saldana look. Her hair is straight and presumably long. Her scarf wraps around her neck holding her locks in place. Very pretty. Armed and dangerous.

Also here are a bald Steve Buschemi, a walrus, Pete Townsend, and Kathy Bates. All are armed to the tusks.

Happy Monday. Safe Travels.
(Yawn) Daylight Savings, my ass. It’s dark outside.

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