March 27, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the, breaking the fourth wall, 7:30AM into the City.

So I was huddled in the morning scrum waiting for the train to pull in, when a familiar face queued up right next to me. Helen Hunt. Now, we have made eye contact in the past during entering and exiting the jumpseat, but this was something new. She smiled and nodded in recognition. I said hello and smiled politely.

As I sat in my usual seat, she sits down across and diagonal from me in the seat.

Now here’s the thing – except for usual commuter cordiality purposes, I do not usually interact with my subjects. This provides a level of anonymity and creative license on my part. For some reason, I broke my rule today. I had a spare business card in my pocket and, on a lark, offered it to Helen Hunt. She, in turn, offered hers back.

I now know more about this person than I intended. The consequences are astounding! See, this new bit of data could just as easily cloud my judgement about how I write about her, or could add considerable depth to the caricature.

I may have screwed up this storyline. I hope she continues to text her absent fiancée about her day and her Mom about plans for the upcoming nuptuals. I don’t want to know about him or the plans. I am a fictional archivist and observer, not a historian or biographer.

By the way, something happy must have happened with her beau, because she’s smiling from ear to ear. She has a strangely goofy smile for someone so pretty. No elegance to it, which actually adds to her girl-next-door attractiveness. Good job, Cookie-Beau, whatever you did. I bet he’s finally moving up in his day-job at the  hipster t-shirt designer place. Well done.

Still processing what to do about breaking my Prime Directive. Hmph. Also here are Telly Savales, Fred Savage, Neil Patrick Harris, Steve Burns from “Blue’s Clues”, and Congressman Frank Underwood. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday.

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