March 28, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago

Good evening. On the 5:45PM out of the City.

In no real mood to observe. Parenting is bringing me down. I haven’t been around for my kids in recent days due to excessive deadlines and work. The fallout of that is not good. I have to home tonight and be stern towards both my children. The fine line between acceptable and unacceptable conduct has been crossed. I am partially to blame for not being attentive. I will not make that mistake again.

Stern, perhaps loud, but with a mix of hope at the end. This is how I’ll have to play it.

I will say no more, except to say that my mind is elsewhere. What I do tonight and how I progress after tonight will have a direct effect on the evolution of my sons. I must tread carefully.

After years of psychological analysis of generations of parents, the modern father and mother second guess critical decisions about children these days.

Perhaps that is why many of my co-commuters, including Rafiq Hariri, the mixed-race couple from yesterday, and Ben Kingsley up top all have contemplative faces of introverted stares. The train ride is in part a parenting post-game review on a daily basis. And all these people are armed!

Happy Holy Days to all. I hope you have better luck at parenting than I seem to be having. Peace.

One thought on “March 28, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago

  1. jwdwrites

    Hang in there! I am encouraged to hear how you are carefully thinking through your strategy for dealing with your children’s behaviour. There are times when we are wracked with guilt for the conflicting demands that life places on us, when we blame ourselves for not spending enough time with them, doubting in our abilities. But there are no panaceas, parenting like most aspects of life are about the long haul. I am sure that your hard work will bear fruit in due course. Good luck with the talk. 🙂


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