April 2, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the 7:15AM into the City. The NFI is three. Springwear.

So Helen Hunt is sitting in front of me. Now,  I’ve heard and read from my female friends, and their mates, about the length of time it takes for a woman (and sometimes men) to get all made up for work or for a semi-formal gathering. Some complain, others endure quietly, and a rare few truly love being all made up. I can’t tell with HH into what category she fits.

Her hair is combed out nicely – very full bodied blonde hair with a subtle hint of strawberry color. Her makeup application suggests some care and time in front of a mirror or that the ritual is so common that she can prepare herself in her sleep.

She has strangely muscular fingers for a woman of her stature. The twenty-something stands at about 5′-6″ in the morning scrum. She is lithe, showing no curves under her of the rack jacket and skinny-jeans. But her fingers, caressing her iCrackerBot, look like she could do “Fight Club” or karate with ease

No news from disembodied fiancee. HH is napping. Sitting next to HH and across from me is a rather serious looking woman. She has the face of Sen. Eugene McCarthy. Frau McCarthy sports both a wedding and an engagement ring. Oh! Both she and HH have the same brand of handbag. The symbol is of four interlocking handbags and cardinal directions imprinted all over the bag. They really look like four handcuffs. Hmph.

A Bono look-alike is here. He looks thinner and more ’50-Beat painter than Global Do-Gooder and rock hall of famer. He seems very pleased with his iCrackerBot, in which he has successfully rendered a visual representation of “doubt” on a sketch program. Wait. What’s this? Oh! He pressed the wrong button. The whoke thing vanished into ones and zeros. AutoSave is your friend, Jackson!

Also here are Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez’s mom, Brad Meltzer, and Dr. Richard Feyman. Everybody is armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe Travels.

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