April 10, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good evening. On the, generational, 5:45PM out of the City. I’m hungry, but doing well.

I may have mentioned that my Wife and I are on a “juice fast” after watching an inspiring documentary on food, health and addiction. We are both on the second day of a ten day fast. We are replacing our food intake exclusively with freshly made juice. She makes me the juice for lunch and a snack during the day and puts them in sports bottles (with a straw!). Needless to say, I am hungry, but committed.

Also, my brother and his lovely wife are celebrating the birth of their baby girl late this morning. I am an uncle. I forgot about that feeling of new-baby joy. Its a fun feeling! Well enough about me.

It’s a fun afternoon on this rainy day home. A heftier version of B-list diva Kathy Griffin is sitting six seats back. She is in an engaging conversation with a cartoony looking gentleman who reminds me of Buzz Aldrin aged 20. She could easily, like a female praying mantis, eat the little strange man (not that Buzz Aldren was little or strange). His head, or more specifically his haircut, is such that he looks like he has a ski slope on top of his head. A baby slope, to be sure. Very challenging for the intrepid head louse. She really likes chatting with him. Could this be love?

Also here is a friendly, portly, bald and engaging member of the Nation of Islam, chatting with a very much not NOI member. He looks like a handsome plush toy. He just removed his perfectly knotted bow tie and is breaking away from ministry duties to compare notes about brackets and basketball with his friend. The friend, I assume a co-worker, looks like James Franco just after the Oscars 2012 and just before his Modern Poetry final.

Also here are Neil Simon, Mike Tyson, Kari Byron, and Joshua Lyman. All are armed.

I’m a new uncle! Fun. Happy Wednesday.

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