May 3, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, immensely popular, 3:55PM out of the City. I’m in a good mood and will continue to be so form as long as possible.

Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde is here. Our split-leveled co-commuter is reading, but periodically breaks away from the text to giggle or gaffaw (silently, of course) at what he has just read. It’s like his far-right personality and his RINO center-right personality are having a book-club style conversation about the text AS HE IS READING! Fabulous! He will periodically look out the window in amazement, musing about how these types of tomes can be allowed to be published! What is he reading, I wonder? Dawkins’ God Delusion? Wizard of Oz? Atlas Shrugged? Where the Wild Things Are? I didn’t get a chance to look.

Two dudes are here, sitting in the other jumpseat. Hipster types. Late twenties. Jeans, pullover short sleeve polo shirts. They seem to know each other and are talking sports. Both are roughly 5′-8″ or so. What is  blatantly obvious is their very prominent no-touch zone between them. You see, they have decided that the other seat – where I would be sitting if I were on that side; opposite the direction of travel – as a bunch for their stuff. So they are sitting next to each other. There is an obvious exclusion zone between them. They will chat, talk, quote stats, enact great swings or throws, but will not touch each other during conversation. Wild. Was I that prudish at that age? Hmph.

Good lord! A Russian model just sat down some four seats back. Very Anna Korinkarinanahamanova. Now, I’m a happily married fellow, but being married does not preclude me from appreciating beauty when I see it. Or when I perceive it. It us easy to take this thread and turn it into closet mysoginy or objectification. Anna K. isn’t acting provocative. She is modestly dressed. She exudes confidence and beauty. I perceived it and am enjoying the view.

Finally, I want to rechristen a recurring character. I’ve mentioned Nazi Ark Hunter a few times in this blog and after taking other, later trains home, realize that the NAH on the 3:55 needs to be renamed. There is a fellow o. The 4:30PM that is much more attributable to the NAH moniker than the fellow formerly known as NAH seated one seat away. I will not speak of him as Nazi Ark Hunter any more.

Also here are Benched War Correspondent, Evil Knievel, George Hallas, Charles De Gaulle, Nikolai Kruschev, and a younger, taller,  bigger, heavier version of me sprawled about in the other side of my jump seat. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Safe Travels.

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