May 21, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning, on the, leaky like a DOJ investigation, 7:55AM into the City. A very handsome group of commuters today.

For example, there is an young, attractive, “modern” Indian couple sitting in front of me in the jump seat of this crowded, front quiet car. She is wearing a grey short sleeve blouse and grey leopard-print shin-high skirt with black thigh-high boots. Very “Max to the minimum”- great look for her! She has cocoa-butter colored skin and thick, but elegantly made-up hair that emits an auburn sheen when hit by the polarized sunlight coming through the triple-glaze safety windows. Not quite Rani Mukharjee (photo),  but evoking her style.

He looks like a Bollywood B-List actor. Short cropped all-business haircut showing off a bit of a widows peak. He is wearing white shirt with a blue-grey-gold-maroon grid print (~10mm spacing) produced by Timmy Higgabotham or something. What is striking about stud-muffin is his sunglasses, which he must have stolen from Erik Estrada’s glove compartment. Very CHiPs.

The Vice Principal, Mr. Rooney, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, is here. The now 305lb man is stating at his iCrackerbot, no doubt keeping an eye on Ferris via the drone he purchased (with school district funding) to keep truancy and teenage malfeasance to a bare minimum. He is giddy at the prospects of finally catching Bueller in the act.

Also here are Anil Kapoor, a very young Allison Janney, a blonde Catherine O’Hara, and Ron Kittle. All are armed.

Happy Tuesday to you.

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