May 29, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the wet, but warm, 7:20AM into the City. Happy Wednesday to you all.

I’ve been on the road for the last few days, visiting family. It is nice to be driven again. I am contemplating the pile of work on my desk. In a digital age, this bit of imagery is passé, but the concept of awaiting work still holds.

I’m in the front quiet car, in a jump seat facing the crowd. This particular space was previously occupied by a baby elephant from a traveling circus, as the now-permanent contours of this well worn seat seem to suggest.

A middle aged Patty Duke is sitting kitty-corner from me in the jumpseat. She is wearing a grey dress with flats and a black Cardigan sweater, which she evidently uses to double as a jacket. Very drab for such a beautiful day. She doesn’t get much sun, as her skin doesn’t show signs of outdoor exposure. I expect that Patty Duke is a dependable Senior Clerk or middle level office manager somewhere. She doesn’t have the look of someone in leadership.

Right in front of me is the strangest woman I’ve seen in awhile. She’s an older woman – by her mannerisms I’d guess late fifties – who reminds me of a defeated wicked witch. She has a prominent mole just left (my right) of centerline of her chin and a finger width down from her bottom lip.

What striking about her is her overall demeanor. She is not well. Every couple of minutes she sighs, as if she’s accepted yet another slight from an unforgiving universe. She’s reading an AARP magazine insert of which 90% of the content is ads for anti-cancer drug therapies. She’s wearing a black ski-cap and a lined black jacket, though the forecast today is in the 80s.

Now this makes me curious. Why is this poor hag of a woman, for there is no better description, in such melancholy? Bad marriage?;Health issues? Hypochondriac-like-mania? I am rife with ever-increasingly mortal permutations form this woman’s woes.

Also here are Simon Pegg, Lance Armstrong, a Sultan from some small area of Northern India, Lal from ST-TNG Season 2, and Anthony Weiner. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday.

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