June 3, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, timely arrived, 7:50AM into the City. Lots of sunglasses today! I lost my prescription Ray-Bans last summer. Ah well.

Happy Monday to all. I find that the late spring induces a lazy gene in my system. I want to kick back, wax philosophical and pop culture over an exotic beverage with fellow dreamers. Strangely, I have pleasant images of waiting tables and frivolously spending the well earned tip money on road trips to the Shore. My broad, glassy eyed smile is confusing the stern looking but observant woman sitting in front of me in the jump seat. She evokes a similar smile, as both the among and the reminiscing are contagious.

The Bollywood couple us back. She with her shoulder cut hair, black with streaks of brown, making the hair have a dark-violet sheen; he with the diamond stud earring, shirt cropped businesses haircut, A&F black sweater with breastbone-to-neck zipper. He neglected to shave this morning, providing him with a surly five o’clock shadow. Both star and starlet are on their iCrackerdroids, texting their respective Agents to see if each could work with someone else on the next project. “Could the main dance sequence be filmed in Hong Kong? I want to shop after the shoot!” Its hard being a Bollywood couple. I hope at least He gets a new pair of glasses. Erik Estrada is still looking for those shades.

Glenn Close is here. The award-winning actress is sitting up top reading the NYT. She’s decidedly low-key, using her considerable acting skills to stay unrecognizable in a crowd. Muggles just don’t known how to observe their world. Oh! Pardon me! My children are doing an end-of year HP movie marathon before I assign them the books to read over the summer. They wanted the synopsis first.

Also here are two members of the band Menudo, two new members of Curves, Carson Daly, Borat, a Libyan ex-pat, and Jason Timberlake (Justin’s IT Architect older cousin). All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.

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