June 5, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the 7:20AM into the City. I’m using the iNebulatabVII to input today’s observations. This may make the post seem shorter, as I must commit more time to make sure I’m typihg correctly.

I’ve been having some interesting meetings over the last few days that could mean some positive life changes. Well, certainly transitional life changes. It all depends on how I negotiate and how I transition, leaving no bridge burned. We’ll see. My wife is quietly asking for blessings from a Higher Power. It is quite possible that she may be doing me more harm than good, as I haven’t bought into the Higher Power thing. I could get Spiritually Electrocuted.

Anyway, enough about me. Jorja Fox of CSI fame is sitting six seats back. Our version is in her late thirties, married, and a mother. Her straight brown hair is cut to highlight her oval shaped face.She is wearing an overcoat or raincoat. Was rain predicted today? She rarely smiles. Come to think of it, no one is smiling. Its a beautiful sunny day in the City. No one seems to be looking forward to being in the City. Hmph. When Jorja smiles though, she brings out that Jackie O in her. Very appealing!

Who is that soft-Jazz musician that is a host on Entertainment Tonight? John something. Well he’s here, in suit and tie, reading the morning paper (an ACTUAL paper!). He looks more bank manager than gossip queen. He is sitting next to blonde, heavy set Kathy Bates. Kathy, for a brief moment, nade eye contact as if she was very interested in what I was typing. She has since continued listening to her MP9 collection of John-something’s back catalogue.

Also here, and in no particular order, are Teri Polo, Betty Cordo Maltese, Angela Landsbury, General Stanley McCristal, and three members of the new Electric Company. All are, as expected, armed.

Happy Wednesday. Safe Travels.

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