June 18, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago

Good Afternoon. On the 3:20PM out of the City. My cousin is sitting across from me in the jump seat. He is on the phone with his fiancée. He just moved into the City after finishing his rotations – a full-fledged Radiologist. It’s only been two days since he’s moved in to his new digs, but is a family minded fellow and wants to see the family. Door is always open for family.

Michael Palin of Python is here. He looks grumpy, as if he can’t find the funny. He seems to be trying to get his bearings. Perhaps he left something in the City? Swallows? Coconuts? A witch? An argument? Who can tell?

Also here is a traveller from out of town who has never taken the commuter rail line. He left his wife on the platform. Let me repeat that. He left his wife, with some of their baggage, on the train. It seems that the doors of the train closed on her as she tried to board. Thing is, she has the tickets for both of them. A fellow passenger used her 10-ride pass and paid for the dim-bulb.

First of all, why the rush? Second, chivalry and mate-protectiveness dictate that you make sure she is on first. Though the expectation was both were to travel together, its just common sense for each to hold their own ticket. Finally, our lost traveler, on first glance, seems to be in possession of all of his senses, yet when he uses his iCrackerPhone, he projects well beyond the normal vocal range. A slightly higher pitch like the bad guy from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” voice. I would have jumped off the train before leaving the Missus at the station. The Traveller is now contemplating how many days/weeks/months he will be in the doghouse.

Curly Joe Besser is here. The late-addition to the Three Stooges is reading variety about a retrospective of the groundbreaking slapstick comedy troupe. He is not critiqued well in the piece.

Also here are Aishwarya Roy, Emily Proctor, and Don Draper playing video games. All are armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe Travels.

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