June 26, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, decidedly new, 7:00AM into the City. The BHTSI (pronounced “bitsy”) is 3. Discussions of clean shaven (and decidedly better looking) players and fans abound. Even the female fans, in solidarity for the players, have scheduled long-ignored bikini waxes. Go Hawks.

Hey! A young Seth Rogan is here! The Canadian-born screenwriter and actor is looking decidedly comic fanboy geeky. He is sitting next to his girlfriend, a plain but attractive woman. Her head is down, chin touching her chest, so it is difficult to be inspired by her.

Oh, it’s important to note that I am, again, out of my usual territory. Instead of the morning quiet car (front or back) I am sitting in a jumpseat in the fourth or fifth car from the front (direction of travel). A group of four people who are obviously friends or neighbors sits on the other jumpseat talking about gallons of BBQ sauce residing in refrigerators.

Jan Brady sat down some four seats back, adjusted her blonde shoulder length hair using a hair clip, and has since settled into a fitful nap.

There is a cute recent college grad, brown long hair, pink cotton blouse, black skirt, no hose, sitting right in front of me. Just got her first job. Still not used to train life. She was chatting with the more seasoned blonde, Martha Plimpton looking, up-and-coming executive that sat down next to her. Martha has a big, very full, black leather purse/handbag big-name knockoff on her lap that she uses as a table. Coffee in Martha’s left hand, paperback resting on the bag as she reviews an errant e-mail.

I can’t quite pin who the college grad looks like. She reads her book with her mouth slightly ajar. The hoop earrings stay parallel to her neck. Attractive but not noticeable. Girl next door but not quite MaryAnn from Gilligan’s Island. I hope she goes far.

Also here are Condaleeza Rice, Fred Grandy, Eddie Murphy from his Raw days, and Regis Philbin. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Stay calm.
Safe travels.

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