June 27, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago

Good morning. On the, battery draining, 7:40AM into the City. The train is ten minutes late. I presume the signal masters will try and over clock the train after the next pickup. Technology failed me yesterday afternoon. I had been diligently reporting on the evening’s observations when the battery conked


out on me. It seems my words were draining the battery, much like how they are draining your attention.

Anyway, there is a woman who reminds me of a character at Mel’s Diner, with curlers in her still-damp hair. She is using a pamphlet or newsletter to dry her hair. Her commitment to getting to work on time in the face of unruly hair care is commendable.

Walt Whitman is here along with his granddaughter. He has a beige baseball cap and a beige jacket or shirt. His beard is Christmas white and he is evidently having a marvelous time, though he is outwardly reserved. His little student is not interested in the train ride but is looking up at the older man with respect, reverence, and love. Except for the bench seating, a Norman Rockwell bestseller is ready for display.

The virtual doctor from Star Trek – Voyager is here. He is obviously on his shift-off and is dressed to enjoy a wall in the park. Which begs the question, do holographic software programs evolve?

Also here are Thomas Pynchon, Patricia Nixon, Mrs. Grinch, a Foxfn talking head, and Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All are armed.

Happy Thursday to you. Safe Travels.

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