July 15, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, warm and muggy, 7:30AM into the City. I’m feeling a little off this morning. I don’t know if it due to residual food come from the last two weekends, or if I am coming down with some midsummer ague. Today would be a bad day for an impromptu meeting.

Well, enough about me, except to say that I had a strange dream about the dear friend and fellow college alumna from the West Coast, one of a group who encouraged me to move this brain-dump from FB to blogginess. She was dressed in white. We were having tea, and she was deconstructing and analyzing every post, observation, recurring character, tag and pop culture reference that I’ve put to blog. Wild.

Jorja Fox/Jackie O is here, sitting one seat over and across the hall. If I am not mistaken, she is at the end of the first trimester. She’s got a little Jack-Jack or Caroline in the hotbox! Mother is radiating happy vibes, as all pregnant women I’ve encountered tend to emit (whether they are actually happy or not). I’m guessing there is a pheromone mix that causes such this aura. That child is gonna look fantastic, especially if Mr. Fox-O looks like Gus Grissom.

Anil Kapoor is here. The handsome Bollywood star and recent international sensation is seated across the aisle from me. The AC in this car is not working very well. I personally don’t mind. I could use a little sauna action to rid myself of excess water weight, but the Slum-Dog superstar is visibly irked. He us waving his hand like fan over his face to help circulate air faster. He is wearing a Stine similar to my own ring that my mother got me to ward off bad mojo – a ruby oval set in gold. His is a different stone, amethyst perhaps? Well the stone isn’t helping him with the humidity.

Also here are the AI virus killer program from the Matrix,
Eva Green from ‘Casino Royale’, Jon Favreau, and an aged Mouseketeer. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Stay cool.
Safe travels.

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