July 25, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, early to rise, 7:00AM into the City. A very crowded train. I always thought the 7-8AM express trains (there are three) were jam packed. I never realized how intrepid area workers are, such that the pre-dawn and at-dawn express services are SRO!

In my continued effort to be familiar with riders in every car, I am sitting in the jumpseat of the third car from the front. The second car from the front is the “quiet car”, which I have described in earlier posts.

So the gentleman in front of me, who’s name is prominently displayed on his security badge hanging from a retractable lanyard attached to the zipper of his laptop backpack, is a tall blonde, forced former high school varsity football running back looking fellow. He easily could be in an insurance ad where the generally content middle American couple is talking to their agent about updating their policy in the comfort of their Colonial style living room, with coffee and homemade cookies on the center table. He is handsome, late forties to early fifties. Prominent forehead. Thinning hair parted Clark Kent style on his left. His first kid is on his way to college; His baby-girl will be a junior this year an learning to drive, adding streaks of grey to his blonde hair. He shouldn’t be in IT. He should be a poster-boy for big agri-business.

There is a fellow who looks like Bob Edwards, the well known radio personality, who was RIF’ed by NPR about ten years ago for two younger on-air voices. He is in town to record some shows for his satellite radio show “Bob Edwards Weekend”. His long, crenelated face, speaks of decades of stories he’s been involved. Our fellow is iDongled and listening to the real Bob Edward’s podcasts.

Also here are Monica Seles, Gordon Lightfoot, a Good fella, Patrick Fitzgerald, my brother’s father in law, and Amanda Plummer. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Happy birthday to a few of my faithful followers and to my little sister. Safe travels.

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