On “Vacation” – Just Checking In #trainspotting#Chicago


I am sure you were wondering why I haven’t been posting my transitory (heh) observations recently. Trust me, nobody else but you noticed my absence. For that I thank you.

I am taking a break. I want to catch up on some reading, and some sleep, and generally live as my subjects do – in pleasant ignorance.

Although I am immersed in novels written by my friends – particularly Amy Ward Martin’s “In Your Dreams” series, Peter Brown’s continuation of the Peter Pan storyline, and Jeff Salyard’s “Bloodsounder’s Arc” novels, I am keeping track of old friends and recognizing new people that seem to be following me  on my train rides. I will introduce you to them I due course.

Please take the time to review the 250+ entries to date. I understand that they are grammatically abhorrent, contextually discontinuous and choc-full of spelling mistakes, but please remember, dear reader, that a) I am, at best, all thumbs with technological interfaces and b) I write every entry within the time frame of boarding and disembarking the train. As my children would regale, as to editing, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

So, thank you, singular reader, for your continued attention. Review the history while you wait. I’ll be back soon.

Enjoy the dog days of Summer. Don’t forget that everyone around you is armed like Rambo.

Safe travels.

(Photo: Happy Smack & The Mack Daddies, Box Office Brewery, DeKalb, IL, c1996)

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