August 14, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the last express out of the City. I’ve been told that were almost done with summer. This is news to me, as I have been locked up in a six story tower surrounded by a concrete jungle that I just get to look at periodically.

Sure, I may have gotten some time off for good behavior, but generally I am feeling like I am re-doing work that was generated by competent engineers and professionals. The take-home message is do not discount time for QA/QC by an independent third party! We did. The result is that “It’s gots some ‘splainin to do!”. More work for no pay. I must make sure to step back and smell the roses, and plan for QA/QC, before starting my next adventure. Lessons learned.

Well, enough about me. Ron Jeremy is seated across the aisle and one seat back. The 5’-9″ King of Adult Cinema is wolfing down some popcorn from a local, well-known popcorn-and-legume chain, whose original store was located on a major thoroughfare in the upscale gentrified neighborhood on then north side of the City. (Whew!) Until I get paid for endorsements (which I am happy to do given the right price – I have college tuition for twins to consider, after all), I will have to use descriptive allegory to identify brands in this blog. You are welcome.

His Sleezyness is now picking his teeth with his fingers; fingers mind you that have visited the deepest and darkest recesses of human anatomy. He is listening to instrumental soundtracks on his iCrackerBot looking for the perfect groove to match the latest scene he’s recently produced. This one? This one is gonna be bigger than Deep Throat. He’s calling the picture “Snow-den”, set in a ski resort trapped in a blizzard. He just smiled lustily. He must have found the perfect track. Good work, Sleaze-King!

Also here are Quincy Jones, Nora Jones, Jason Jones, the Jonas Brothers, The Corsican Brothers, and Matthew Perry. All are heavily armed.

Just a few more weeks and I can consider the future…
Happy Wednesday everybody. Safe travels.

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