August 23, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning . On the 7:20AM into the City. I’ve been home sick the last two days. I don’t get easily sick, but when I do, it can be an inconvenience for everybody around me. Thankfully, the previous day was busy for the Children and my wife, leaving me to convalescence at home without mutual interruption. Yesterday was the first day of school, so the kids were not unduly exposed. Except for a low-level, intermittent cough , I am ready for travel.

Teri Polo is here and is sitting right in front of me. She’s dressed nicer than usual, with khaki women’s slacks and a black shirt sleeve blouse with some frill around the straps. She is sporting some homemade friendship bracelets. Nailpolish is electric purple-red. She took a minute, after sitting down, to apply some lipstick and just a hint of base. Very nice. Perhaps she has a date after work? Or before? Nonetheless, it never hurts to look your best.

Oh! Hey! Is that? Yes! Do you remember the attractive young post-collegiate who used to sit across from me on the train? She’s back. She looks simply stunning. Her hair is tied back in a tail. She’s wearing a white blouse with some sequined pattern around the shoulders , grey-brown slacks almost Capri-style and matching shoes that remind me of ballet slippers. She immediately reminds me of Laura Linney, the acclaimed actress.

Uhoh. No ring! What happened? Last we checked in with this one, her long-distance lover and college sweetheart, the BFA T-shirt designer who was working at the Mall of the Americas as a Cookie-Cake icing application specialist while waiting for the resume to pan out, scraped enough money from last year’s winter rush to buythat girl an engagement ring. She was glowing!

Now? No ring. No glow. I wonder what happened? Did he borrow the money from a local hood and had to take the ring back to pay off the jamoke?

Or, is it quite possible that I am mistaking this woman for somebody else, and Laura is a completely new person? Well, certainly the purse is different. The makeup is different. And there’s no ring. Headphones are the same. The iCrackerbot looks the same. Hmph..

Also here are Colin Firth, Judy Baar Topinka, Barbara Streisand, Bill Gates, and an Observer (for you Fringe enthusiasts). All are armed.

Happy Friday. Safe travels.


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