August 26, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, historic, 3:55PM out of the City. My favorite spot – jump seat, left hand side (in the direction of travel), back facing the path the train is taking, facing both old friends and new faces.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. Is sitting up top in the 2nd floor version of the jumpseat, opposite aisle. The buffed beautiful black man is tuned into his headphones and tuned out via his iCrackerBot. He looks like he will get off the train and head straight for the PGA level golf course. He looks like he can wield a club with expert hands.

Basil Fawlty just sat down. He looks very-very modern British middle manager for a tool¨ or hardware provider. He has also decided to avoid extraneous inputs by plugging in his headphones. Perhaps he is listening to the Lumberjack sketch in German. That was how I learned the language. Achtung, Baby!

The train is leaving. A construction worker who embodies Mike Royko’s description of Slats Grobnick is seated in the opposite jump seat. He has been using his company cellphone to invite numerous fellow union me members to a labor day picnic at his house, warning the AA inductees that, yes, beer will be on hand. He has had to say this apologetically for the last three messages. It seems to me that he should a) keep the booze reference out  of the invite or b) call up his local AA chapter and meetup with his friends there.

A stunning post-Goth ginger-haired student – I’m guessing junior pre-nursing Bio major at the local State College with the geometrically named campus – is sitting aisle side and three seats back. I say post-Goth because she has ceased with the black-white look and opted for brighter colors, but has not learned makeup or other beautification techniques to match the post-Industrial look. Lots of talc, white base and jet-black eyeliner. She’ll watch the VMA’s to see what HannahMontana did and be inspired. The makeup won’t change but the bodice-twerking during the Orgo-Chem midterm is doable.

And, then there is Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde. My bifurcated BFF has his crowed head leaning back against the passed train car bench, looking up and the faux-paneling and laughing. Yes, laughing and smiling with a know-it-all smile. He seems to be smirking at his center-self, using the VMA and Bat-Fleck kerfuffles to hide the real dangers of yet-another-incursion into the Middle-East. His far right is actually torn because that aspect of his personality is in line with the basic UN WMD interventionist philosophy that the POTUS has to work with with respect to Assad. It indeed is the same argument used by the far right for invading Iraq after 9/11, except that there’s evidence, eyewitness testimony from real people without crazy codenames, and actual data on concentrations of Sarin (and others) used in theater.

However, because then fact that the US is war weary, and that Congress is not a big fan of POTUS, he might have a hard time making the pitch. In this the Republican Congress that is also hamstrung, says J-H’s RINO voice, because by arguing against the logic of a)WMD’s and b)a threat to US interests in the region and c)humanitarian intervention; by calling this as “lies” they are reminding the American People that those same arguments were used by POTUS #43 and endorsed by most of the same naysayers. Face? Meet egg. Egg? Meet the RNC.

Fun. J-H is laughing about the whole thing. Or at least, part of him is. Only he knows which part.

Also here are Clive Owen, Harvey Keitel, Charles Manson, an Observer from Fringe, Benched War Correspondent, Bubba of Bubba-Gump Shrimp, and Justin Timberlake. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Happy Birthday, Dr. Srinadh and Jen Goldsberry. Safe travels to all.

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