Friday, September 13, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good Afternoon. I am in a pleasant mood.

I worked all day on a single project. Sent the results of my efforts off to the client just before I left. Almost left the car keys on the desk. Actually, I DID leave the car keys on the desk and had to go back for them. I wanted to be on the previous express train. Well at least we can see our favorite co-commuters and perhaps a newbie or two.

By the way. I have my inter-Cannular, Round, Aural Processing Stimulators (iCRAPS) in place, though currently inactive, so as to blend in with the crowd and avoid any possible opportunity for conversation.

The well renowned Indian independent actor Naseeruddin Shah, well known in Bollywood, but best known in his role as Captain Nemo in “A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and as the father in “Monsoon Wedding”, is seated in the jumpseat across from me. This younger version of the master thespian is significantly less accomplished, based on his attire. The drab wrinkled white shirt, dated grey slacks that imply he is getting too big for his britches, and the bright red, but musty, plastic windbreaker do not convey a position of strength. Yet, I could be gravely mistaken. It is Friday after all. This could be his “corporate casual” look. I do like his naugahyde messenger bag man-purse. I’ve been looking for an appropriate replacement for my beat up backpack. Perhaps this could be an accessory I could incorporate into my “look”?

Evidently there is an IT holiday or early dismissal from the financial district of the City. Or, there is a mass training session going on in the City, as the 3:55PM is heavily laden with Desis speaking in SQL, Oracle DB, Unix, Python, CRM and much more acrimony. It’s like watching people and expecting conversation that you should understand, but they instead are speaking perfect Vulcan, Klingon or Vogon and you forgot your TARDIS or Babelfish.

Jack Black, in his “Nacho Libre” mustache, is here. His hair lip is just spectacular. Though our commuter is older, with a thinning hairline and part, worthy of Christopher Denham in “Argo”, his superpowers rest with the continued full-bodied volume of his, well-groomed flavor-saver.

Also here are Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde, Allen Ginsberg, Anjelica Huston, Alan Larkin, a peace envoy from Syria, and Christopher Walken. All are heavily armed.

Happy Friday. Stay Safe.

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