Self-Promotion time – September 17, 2013

A little self promotion time.

Thank you for your continued interest in my blog, #trainspotting#Chicago. I haven’t kept you up to speed as to current activities on the blog site, but the site just hit another milestone and I thought to keep you up to date.

Since October 2012, the ongoing travelogue to and from the City on the suburban commuter train has been viewed 4,009 times. There have been 109 comments so far. The site seems to have 57 followers to date. There have been 277 posts. Although generally organized as the AM or “Inbound” Commute and the PM- “Homeward Bound” commute, the blogsite has since been further organized by month-of-posting.

There are 1,808 different tags, with some repeats due to spelling.

Thank you for reading this post and the blog itself. Although I try to be diligent with syntax errors and spelling, the posts are by and large conceived, written, with photos added, and tagged, all between the times I settle into my favorite spots on the train, until I disembark at each end of the trip. I don’t go back to edit, for fear of redoing a passage and changing the flavor of the posting. Given my proclivity for grammatical error and syntactical chaos, perhaps I could due for revisiting of posts for a “Best of..” compilation in the near future.

I would do better with constructive criticism, sage advice, a well deserved kick in the pants, and your thoughts on posts that were particularly moving, boring, or even funny. Tell me about your favorite recurring co-rider and what you’d like to know about that rider.

Thanks again for your attention.

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