Thursday, October 3, 2013 – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, cognitively disjointed, 3:18PM out of the City. Its the end of day three of the shutdown of the US Government. A woman, with child in the car, ran over a barricade and hit a police officer with her car, then decided to drive off. Thing is the barricade and the driver were near the US Senate-Hart Building on the way between the Capitol and the White House. Not good. Check your local 24-hour news network for the kerfuffle.

I was told today by a dear friend, who happens to be a Conservative, that the National Monuments are “completely secure” and barricading them – War Memorials, the Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials – constitutes a political “stunt” by the POTUS to score political points for his party and make the Republicans look bad. I tried to remind my dear friend that nothing the President does will make the Republicans look any worse than they are already, despite any meager attempts at blame or “HEY! Look over there!” Try as conservative government has to dumb down the electorate, most of us aren’t stupid.

OK. Enough about that. Porkins, the ill-fated “Red Six” fighter pilot is here. Our eponymous doppleganger (triple word score points, Andrew U!) is in jeans and a horizontal striped, collared, grey polo-ish shirt. He sports a big-face watch with buttons (very Dick Tracy) on a brown leather strap that seems to be cutting off the blood supply to his left hand. Porkins is my age, with spots of grey hair in  sandy-blonde goatee and thinning hairline.

Using his RioGrandeFlame, he is reviewing the recently acquired plans and specifications to the DeathStar. Many Bothans died to get that info downloaded to his device.

Dr. Hannibal Lechter is here. The murderous, carnivorous Italian wine and legume connoisseur is wearing a blue plaid shirt. What hair the man has are in little oases about his very round head. He has an almost perfect skull. Sir Anthony Hopkins would be amused.

Ray Romano is here. The comedian looks very serious, adjusting the channel on his iCrackerBot.

Right. I’m done. I’m going to see if I can access construction standards for a design I’m doing for the rail authority. Not expecting anything, as rail safety is non-essential.

Also here are two ex-linebackers from the 1983 Riverside H.S football team, Bruce Jenner with a fabulous mustache, Dave Foley from KITH, and Tennille. All are armed.

Stay safe. Listen, then verify. Mea culpa when you are wrong. Learn from your mistakes. Happy Thursday to you.

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